Fitness Qualification

Feats of Fitness!

All applicants must meet our basic fitness requirement to be accepted into Candidate class.

The fitness requirement is straightforward: Carry a 25 pound pack over a 4 mile distance with a 1,500 elevation gain in one hour and 35 minutes. Everyone gets two attempts to qualify. Bring your own pack. Qualification day is scheduled after a successful interview and background check. Applicants will be offered a spot as a Candidate, conditional on successfully completing the Fitness Qualification hike before training begins.

We *strongly* encourage giving the course a test hike before submitting an application to join the unit. Many people improve their times significantly after a practice try. The qualification hike is the last step before an applicant becomes a candidate and no one likes surprises on qualification day after investing time and energy in the application process.

If you have any questions about your fitness, get you doctor's approval before attempting the course!


  1. When you arrive, get yourself ready at your car. This includes removing your water and preparing your pack for weigh in. Your pack needs to weigh 25 lbs, without water. You should weight check your pack before leaving home.

  2. We will quickly get you signed in, weigh your pack, answer route questions and send you on your way


  1. When you finish the route, come directly to the check in area to sign-out/get your time.

Weather: Check the weather and plan your attire appropriately.


Location: Google map link- It starts just off Lucas Valley Road at the tennis courts located on Creekside Dr. San Rafael. The courts are across the street from the Lutz fire road where you finish the course. Continue counterclockwise from the tennis courts around the loop.

Parking: Please park on the street. The tennis court lot is small, and the tennis players use these spots.


  • There are no restrooms anywhere near or on the course. Plan ahead.

  • Cell service is sketchy at the tennis courts. Don't count on making a call.

  • Cell and radio’s do not work between tennis courts and the lower part of the Goat trail (just after the trailhead)

  • Beware the trail split at the ‘Y’! Many have missed the turn and go off the course. See image 8 below

  • Questions?

1-Tennis Court Parking lot- Trail marker

start of creekside trail

2-Bridgewater Street & Luiz Ct.

Proceed down Luiz Ct. - have faith

3- End of Luiz Ct. creek side trail resumes

4-Proceed to end of Mt. Burney Ct.

follow right of way to Rubicon Court.

5- Trailhead

6- Big Oak with Swing

7- Horse corrals

8- The 'Y'