Application Schedule

Joining CALSAR is a selective process and please keep in mind that we can’t accept everyone that is interested in joining. 

Application Schedule & Dates


Application Process Details

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2. Attend an Introduction to Navigation Class

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Note: A sign-up link and more details will be provided via email to the attendees of the Info Event. You must attend one of the Info Events to be invited to the Nav Class.

3. Go to Fitness Qualification and pass

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4. Receive an Invite to Candidate Interviews

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Note: You must pass the Fitness Qualification and be invited to attend a Candidate Interview

5. Applicant Background Checks

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Acceptance as a Candidate is contingent on passing the background check.

An extensive background check is conducted with DOJ, FBI and DMV databases. Any felony conviction is an immediate disqualification, without appeal. Any DUIs and other background check anomalies will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please do not begin the application process if you have a felony in your history.  Background checks are scheduled with our vendor after an applicant receives an acceptance offer and before the DSW oath is administered.

Why we require a background check

CALSAR operates at the direction for California Office of Emergency Services (OES) Law Enforcement division, as such we are part of Law Enforcement. All applicants need a background check (even if you're done before for some other organization or reason.) 

6. New Candidate Orientation

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7. Candidate Training Fee

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The candidate training fee is $275. Please do not send payment until you are notified that you have a confirmed spot in the training class.  Due dates will be provided in that notification.

What's included in training fee

Training weekends

$275 covers all costs for all trainings except for First Aid. This helps us pay for camping and facilities fees, etc.

Uniform Pants

$50 of the training fee pays for your uniform pants.

The uniform pants are great all around outdoor pants, they're required for training weekends and are part of our Team uniform as a OES Disaster Service Worker (DSW).

What's *not* included in the training fee

The training fee does not include the cost of: