Is Search and Rescue right for you?

Search and Rescue is a very unusual volunteer experience. It takes…



Energy / Resilience

You may ask:
“This is a lot to ask of an unpaid volunteer, why do this?”

Fun, Learning, and Community

If you enjoy the outdoors you will have a lot of fun learning valuable skills with people of similar interests and values. If you stick with it you'll make great friends.

Moving the Needle

When you participate in a SAR mission, regardless of the outcome, you will play a role in changing the trajectory of people’s lives. It doesn’t get more ‘real’ or more gratifying.

Sense of Purpose / Mission

Our mission is crystal clear...when someone’s life depends on the efforts of others, we are the ‘others’.

SAR is sweaty, hard work mixed with great community and training that is fun, all rolled up into a personally rewarding experience. You're making a difference in lives when it really matters. Commitment is required to fully experience what SAR is all about. 

Please keep in mind the event and training dates and be sure you are prepared to commit to them before you continue the application process.