Advanced Navigation


In our Introduction Navigation course, we introduced all of the topics needed to successfully navigate in wilderness (roadless) areas. In this advanced course, the skills are reinforced through an extensive, two-day field problem. Because navigation in the SAR environment is more than just getting from Point A to Point B, this exercise incorporates all aspects of search and rescue learned up to this point, and gives the student the opportunity to practice these skills inside a simulated SAR environment.


Duration: 2 days

Start time: Saturday, March 7

End time: Sunday, March 8


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Cutter Scout Reservation

Skills emphasized

  • Cross-country navigation
  • Point location
  • Following briefing instructions
  • Describing locations
  • Practice of Type I, II & III searches
  • Practice medical proficiency
  • Practice tracking
  • Practice technical rope rescue skills

Note: This course is a good "dress rehearsal" and skills review for the Skills Evaluation Weekend.

Additional information

Additional information and materials for the weekend are available at the dedicated Advanced Nav Website.