Advanced Navigation


The Cal-ESAR Advanced Navigation course is located in the Santa Cruz mountains.

The course was designed for training and testing the cross country navigation skills for the California Explorer Search and Rescue team. The course covers 12 separate segments with a range of search and rescue related field problems including: cross country navigation, point location, distance and directional problems. The course zig-zags up and down and all around the area, and while the total distance traveled is less than 10 miles, it normally takes up to two days to complete because of the extreme terrain and the nature of the problems.

Considered the gold standard of cross county Nav courses, the course has hosted teams from many of our law enforcement and public service partners over the years. To quote a former U.S. Marine Infantry captain..."This course is tougher than the Marine's navigation course at Quantico"

The course can configured to be run in 1 or two days and test a range of navigation skills.

When & Where

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Skills emphasized

  • Cross-country navigation

  • Point location

  • Following briefing instructions

  • Describing locations

  • Practice of Type I, II & III searches

  • Practice medical proficiency

  • Practice tracking

  • Practice technical rope rescue skills

Note: This course is a good "dress rehearsal" and skills review for the Skills Evaluation Weekend.

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