Search & Rescue Skills


Modern search & rescue operations focus on quickly finding and transporting the lost or missing person. To do this, ground teams must be fully trained and already know their jobs and duties. This course introduces the student to these techniques through lecture and actual operations in the field. Upon completion, the student will be proficient in modern search and rescue techniques, and be able to perform them upon request without assistance.


Duration: 2 days

Start time: Saturday, January 11

End time: Sunday, January 12

Before the course


Mt Diablo State Park, Barbeque Terrace campground

Driving directions

From I-680

The park is located on Diablo Road, five miles east of I-680 in Danville. Take Highway 680 to Danville and get off at the Diablo Road exit. Then go 3 miles East to the Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd.

From Walnut Creek

The park can also be reached from Walnut Creek via Ygnacio Valley Road.

Skills emphasized

  • Preliminary ("Hasty") search techniques
  • Grid lines
  • Critical separation
  • Evidence searches
  • Man tracking
  • Search team duties & composition
  • Types of assignments
  • Night time techniques
  • Sign cutting
  • Radio protocol
  • Briefings & debriefings
  • Lost person profiles
  • Safety issues
  • Basics of the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Packaging, evacuation & transport of the injured person

Required gear list

Required Gear