Youth application process

Youth Applications

Cal-ESAR has had a youth component since it's inception in 1969. Currently the unit includes a BSA Crew and we require our youth members to be part of BSA and that Crew.

  • If you are under 18, follow the instructions on this page to apply.
  • If you are 18-21 you should apply using the adult application process AND fill out the BSA Adult application form below. (sorry BSA rules)

Youth / Young Adult Application Process Overview

To apply, you'll need to fill out various forms. The forms and instructions to fill them out are included on this page.


  • Youth (16-17) Boy Scouts of America Youth Application
  • Young Adult (18-under 21) Boy Scouts of America Adult Application
  • Parental Consent
  • Personal info
  • Disaster service worker (DSW)
  • Medical consent
  • Medical exam
  • Selfie photo

Training fee

A $225 training fee is also required. You should pay the fee after you receive notification of acceptance from

You can see more details about what the training fee does and doesn't include, and pay your training fee here.

Why so many forms?

Cal-ESAR operates at the direction for California Office of Emergency Services (OES), Law Enforcement division. Consequently we need all members to complete several forms required by OES.

Application Instructions

  1. Find forms below
  2. Complete forms, following directions below
  3. Email completed forms to
  4. Send a one line email reading: 'Your Name....paperwork submitted' to

Boy Scouts of America Youth Application

ESAR Youth Application.pdf

Fill out this form and submit it as a PDF with file name format: "lastName.firstName.youth" (e.g. doe.john.youth)

Note to *current* members of a BSA troop

Paid members of a Boy Scout troop, please write " Registered member - XXXX Council, Troop ###" ID # - XXXXXX" at the top of your BSA form

Parental consent


Personal info

Use this link to provide some basic personal and emergency contact info.

Form 2 Volunteer Processing Form CalESAR.doc
Form 3 At Will Statement Cal ESAR.docx

Why we require a background check

Cal-ESAR operates at the direction for California Office of Emergency Services (OES) Law Enforcement division, as such we are part of Law Enforcement. Members 18 and over need a background check (even if you're done before for some other organization or reason.)

Note: Anyone with a felony conviction will not pass the background check. Please do not apply.

Disaster Service Worker

OES DSW Registration.doc

Fill out middle and lower sections ('TYPE OR PRINT IN INK' and below.)

Save using file name format 'Last Name_First Name_DSW' (e.g. Doe_John_DSW)

Medical consent form


Save As 'Last Name_First Name_medical'

Medical exam form


This is not required for the first training weekend, but is due within 30 days of your application. This form (we use a BSA form here) must be filled out by your physician, so schedule your appointment soon.


Please take a quick selfie to include with your application.

Don't worry this is only for your application. Your unit ID photo will be done once you are in the training class.