Training fee

The training fee for 2018-19 is $275.

Please do not send until you are notified that you have been accepted into the training class. The fee payment is due before the start of Outdoor Skills training weekend.

How to pay

After your receive notification that you have a spot in the training class...

In the "New Member Name" box below, enter your preferred first name (ex: Bob instead of Robert) and last name. This will be used for your unit email address: ex: ''

After we receive your payment you will receive a email with your Cal-ESAR unit email address and additional instructions. Thanks!

What's included in training fee

Training weekends

$225 covers all costs for all trainings except for First Aid. This helps us pay for camping / facilities fees, snacks, etc.

Uniform Pants

$50 of the training fee pays for your uniform pants.

The uniform pants are great all around outdoor pants, they're required for training weekends and are part of our unit uniform as a Disaster Service Worker (DSW) with OES.

What's *not* included in the training fee

The training fee does not include the cost of: