Candidate Application Requirements

To apply, you'll need to fill out various forms. The forms and instructions to fill them out are included on this page.


  • Background check forms

  • Disaster service worker (DSW)

  • Medical consent

  • Medical exam

Training fee

A $275 training fee is required. You should pay the fee after you receive notification of acceptance from

You can see more details about what the training fee does and doesn't include, and pay your training fee here.

Why so many forms?

Cal-ESAR operates at the direction for California Office of Emergency Services (OES), Law Enforcement division. Consequently we need all members to complete several forms required by OES. Cal-ESAR has no control over this.

Youth Applications

Cal-ESAR has had a youth component since it's inception in 1969. Currently the unit includes a BSA Crew and we require our youth members to be part of BSA and that Crew. Youth applications follow a slightly different process, which is documented here.

Application Instructions

  1. Find forms below

  2. Complete forms, following directions for each form below

  3. Email completed forms to*

  4. Send a one line email reading: 'Your Name....paperwork submitted' to

* It's helpful if you send the forms as individual files, (named as directed) but as a single email attachment.

Background Check Forms

Fill out and sign. Save or scan as PDFs. No cell phone photos.

Form 2 Volunteer Processing Form Cal ESAR.pdf

Save completed form as 'lastName_firstName_background_check'

Live Scane Fingerprinting BCIA_8016.pdf

Save completed form as 'lastName_firstName_fingerprint'

Why we require a background check

Cal-ESAR operates at the direction for California Office of Emergency Services (OES) Law Enforcement division, as such we are part of Law Enforcement. All applicants need a background check (even if you're done before for some other organization or reason.)

Disaster Service Worker Forms

DSW Registration Form.docx

Fill out middle and lower sections. Type or print neatly in ink.

Save completed form using file name format: 'lastName_firstName_dsw'

Form 3 At Will Statement Cal ESAR.docx

Save completed form as 'lastName_firstName_membership'

Medical Forms


Save completed form as 'lastName_firstName_medical'


This is not required for the first training weekend, but is due within 30 days of your application.

This form (we use a BSA form here) must be filled out by your physician, so schedule your appointment soon.

Save completed form as 'lastName_firstName_medical_exam'