Membership Renewal

In the fall of each year existing Cal-ESAR members must renew their unit membership to be covered under insurance and enroll themselves in the call-out list for searches. Members in good standing are eligible for callouts according to their membership status. Members who have been part of the unit for 6 months may vote in annual Board elections. Please don't delay your membership renewal!

Dec 26 2016. Those who do not complete the renewal will be taken off the call-out list and membership status changed to Alumni / Inactive.

Next Steps (If you are a trainee in the current class, STOP here, you've have already paid this fee and have 'Active' status for next year)

1) Select & Submit your Membership Status for next year.
2) Pay unit Dues.
3) If you've gotten a notice that your Youth Protection (YPT) cert needs updating, use link at bottom for specific instructions. If you're younger than 18, or haven't received a notice, no action on this is needed.

Unit Dues

For current members your annual fee of $50. This fee covers your BSA insurance, unit ID card, misc unit fees.

Current Members that are part of  a BSA Troop in the Redwood Skyline Council... your unit fee is $25. Use the button below.

Do you need to renew your Youth Protection Training (YTP)? 
Use this link for directions.

Send email to