The Cal-ESAR Board of Directors

A board of directors elected from the general membership guides the unit. They set the direction for the unit, develop the training schedule, set and measure development goals, and generally insure the smooth operation of the unit. Within the unit, there are several levels of membership status based on training and operational experience. These membership categories are designed to ensure that everyone operates within their capabilities while still getting the maximum possible responsibilities and avenues for growth.

Board Meeting Location
Board meetings are online on the 3rd Thursday of every month. All members are welcome to all meetings. Check with a Board member for the agenda of an upcoming meeting, or to put an item on the agenda.

The Cal-ESAR Board consists of 5 Officers (21 and over) who are elected by the general membership for a one year term, plus 1 or more Explorer Representatives, serving for the same term. The Explorer Adviser is appointed and is an ex-officio member of the Board, and serves continuously, until another is appointed.

Board Members Officers

  • Chairman: Wes Riggins
  • Vice Chairman: Ken Buscho
  • Treasurer: Peter Rockwell
  • Secretary: Christine Mason
  • Member at Large: Andrew Crawford
  • Explorer Adviser: Chris Morrison
  • Explorer Representative: Henry Jackman

Other Team Positions

  • Training Director:  Wes Riggins
  • Cache Manager:  Ken Buscho
  • Fundraising: Christine Mason 

Cal-ESAR has several membership categories, based on level of training and field experience. These categories are established and defined by the Cal-ESAR Board of Directors, and are subject to periodic update and review.